How do you photograph weddings?

I believe in capturing the day as authentically as possible. My style is primarily documentary, which means I will be photographing the emotions, conversations, the action as well as the silence. After an enquiry has been made, I arrange a phone consultation and spend time getting to know you. On the day itself, I'll have a timeline of what is happening and when, so I am best able to capture all the details, the feelings, the calm and emotional parts as best as I can. I'll also get the important group shots on the stage and I'll always try to find time for a bridal and couple shoot outside, where you both get a quiet moment to yourself and I get to capture the new Mr and Mrs, a true honour!

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm Dundee based in Scotland, UK and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your story and you live outside of Dundee Angus, it will require a travel fee, depending on where it takes place.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 8 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your day). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favourites, and also order prints!

How many pictures will we receive?

I have given minimum estimates in the packages info, however I am very much a 'limitless shooter', which means I don't believe in setting a number of photos my client should recieve - as many gorgeous moments I am able to capture, is the amount you will get in your online album.

How much editing is done to the photos?

Each collection is carefully sifted through, to find the best and most emotive photos, which are then colour corrected, sharpened and edited to a style which fits my portfolio.
My photos are neither 'moody' nor 'airy'. They are light, vibrant and usually have a 'filmesque' look to them. Please select a photographer whos style of photos you already love, based on their IG, as our editing styles are individual and not easily adjusted.
I also do not do skin retouching. Whilst certain edits will brighten or slightly smooth out the skin, airbrushing skin magazine style is not something I offer. I want my photos to reflect you as much as possible :)

Why are your prices cheaper than others?

Simply because I believe in the importance of fair business. I started Ikraphotography properly, almost a year ago. Therefore my prices reflect the experience I have, alongside the quality of service I will give to you, the investment in equipment and of course the editing time afterwards. As the years go on, I'm sure they will slowly increase. But for now, enjoy very reasonable prices, for your most precious memories.
Oh and don't get me wrong, lower prices still means me putting in 100% effort throughout the process, I wouldn't dream of giving my clients anything less!

Do you offer videography?

No, I am a one woman band currently, pouring my love into photography!

*If you are hiring me for a mehndi and wish for the dances to be recorded, this can be arranged as an add on to the package (non-cinematic). Please mention this when enquiring.*